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"Joe was recommended to us by a friend whose child has a disability, and since our son also has difficulties we decided to give his lessons a try. It's one of the best decisions we've made! Our son has Aspergers Syndrome and PDA (Pathological Demand Avoidance) and when starting lessons at the age of 8, his anxieties were increasing, due to difficulties at his then school, which could result in challenging and often violent behaviour.
 Since changing schools our sons anxieties are better managed however Joe has always been positive and enthusiastic and is able to quickly adapt his lessons depending on the mood of our son to keep him focused and engaged and continually encouraging him to develop his skills. Our son has drum ability which Joe is able to fine tune and develop, helping him to make good progress in each lesson without putting unattainable expectations in place. Since March 2012, when our son started lessons he has made huge progress in all areas. He had never played the drums before having lessons with Joe and his ability has developed both technically and with confidence, he has since undertaken Grading and performed in school performances.
 Joe teaches with a professional and friendly manner and has the ability and skill to use different teaching techniques to transform a lesson while also incorporating the interest of the student in terms of music style. Our son thoroughly enjoys coming to every lesson and looks forward to the next one. We are delighted to have been recommended Joe and would, without hesitation recommend him to others wanting to learn including those with disabilities and Special Educational Needs. Thank you Joe!"

Nicollette Green

"I have been taking drum lessons with Joe Rodriguez since May 2013 and have he is a great teacher. Whether you’re taking lessons towards grades or you want learn to drum your own material, I highly recommend him."

Anthonia Mealyou


"My son has been learning drums with Joe for over a year now, in this time he has made huge progress and has developed a real passion for the instrument. Joe is an inspirational teacher, he helps guide his pupils with patience and a real understanding of how to get the best out of them. No challenge is too great -reigning in two lively 9 year olds, who were due to compete at school in a duelling drum-off, was no mean feat and required both diplomacy and perseverance .. hats off! Joe has an obvious love for what he does and this translates into an enthusiasm and drive which runs through the lessons. End result - a happy student and an equally happy parent!"

Eveline Novakovic


"Joe is a great guy and very helpful. Takes his time with teaching you and doesn't make you feel rushed or stressed. Makes learning drums easy, would highly recommend to any beginner or experienced drummer."

Joe Reavill


"I started drumming when I was 8 and have been drumming for about 7 years. I have now had Joe as a drum teacher for just over a year. Since having Joe as my teacher I have become more knowledgable, he has really helped me with my confidence, technique and skills. Joe is very motivational and is always encouraging me. I look forward to going to his lessons, he is an amazing teacher and I would definitely recommend him."

Ethan Walters


"My son, Lucas, has really enjoyed his lessons with Joe. He is enthusiastic, encouraging, extremely knowledgeable, and incredibly patient. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Joe - in fact, my husband is currently on his waiting list for an available slot! Brilliant teacher!"

Sara Wiegard


"Been having lessons for a year now and loving every minute of them. Joe is so patient (not sure how he does it) always fun and very encouraging. Would recommend him to anyone wanting to try their hand at drumming."

Bill Prosser


"I have been drumming with Joe less than a year after having a bad experience with another drum tutor. Joe is a very good teacher he is honest and helpful so glad I discovered him. I enjoy my lessons with him and can't wait to go back every fortnight."

Lisa Meynell


"Excellent teacher good facility. Joe instinctively knows how to get the best from people."

Stuart Bowden


"Passionate, demanding, professional and inspirational. Also a nice guy!! [it makes me sick] Can't speak highly enough of how Joe is working with my 11 year old son, who is currently working on his grade 4."

Andy Wheaton


"I can't speak highly enough of Joe and his teaching skills. Seb started his lessons with Joe back in spring 2014 after a really bad experience with the schools drum teacher which resulted in Seb being very low in confidence and thinking he wasn't cut out to play drums. Fast forward to now and Seb is a confident happy student working towards his grade 2 and he really enjoys his lessons. It's great to see how far he has come both in his drumming skills and personality! Joe has a real way with teaching children and I thank him for always having the patience and kindness with Seb every week."

Becci Tomlinson 


"Joe is amazing. He took on teaching my son for his 5th birthday, 17 months on and he loves it. Joe is patient and has given my son a voice, even if it is a rather noisy one! Thank you."

Julia Carter


"Both my son Joel and I have been seeing Joe for a year or so now. Joe is is of course a superb drummer and great technician, but I think what sets him apart from others is his teaching ability. There isn't a teacher at school or coach at football that gets as much out of Joel than Joe, it's amazing to see, he walks out an hour later enthusiastic and motivated and having moved his drumming on significantly. He engages at the right level is professional and a very nice guy to go with it. Thanks for all your efforts and support Joe!"

Jez Edwards


"I started drumming about a year ago and Joe has helped me a lot and im currently working on doing my grades! He is an excellent teacher, if you need a drum teacher I definitely recommend Joe!"

Erin Deeley


"Have been with Joe for a good year so or now and am loving every minute of it. A great teacher, happy to work at a pace which suites me while still encouraging me to push to the next level. If the boys take after their old man in looking to play the drums, there is no other teacher I'd take them to!"

Colin Jameison


"Joe is a fantastic teacher who has passed on his enjoyment of and love for music to my son. He comes home enthused and has gone from a boy who wanted to learn to drum for fun, to a boy who wants to scale the grading system and will do so with great confidence."

Laura Protheroe


"I soo enjoy my lessons with Joe! He helps me work on pieces for playing in Church, basic studies to improve my weak areas, and in the last few months worked with me to achieve Rock School Grade 4! If you're looking for a teacher I certainly recommend him - but be quick as he is in demand!"

Rachel Edwards


"Joe teaches my son Rhys Partridge, who has achieved success at both grade 1 and grade 2. Joe has such enthusiasm for music and teaching which is highly contageous :-) Rhys has learned so much and looks forward to his lessons Thanks Joe"

Sharon Partridge


"Many thanks to Joe for your excellent drumming instruction. How can someone be so laid back AND so professional at the same time - In my humble opinion must be one of the best drumming instructors in the country. So lucky to have him local."

Mike Peggs


"My daughter has been seeing Joe for about a year and throughly enjoys eve ry lesson. I'm always impressed with Joe and his ability to teach and encourage my girl. We've choosen to learn the drums at a slow and steady pace and Joe is always supportive of this and never pressures us. My little girl always looks forward to her lesson and leaves buzzing, she normally drums on the dashboard all the way home...worth every penny. Cheers Joe :)"

Doriel Alie


"Top Man, Top Drummer, Top Teacher! If, like me, you have always wanted to play a little but never got around to it, contact Joe. He is an excellent, patient, encouraging teacher as well as being a really nice bloke as well. If only I had a little more talent (yes Joe I know when you are saying things have really improved but I know they haven't)! The key thing is he understands people take up playing for different reasons - we aren't all youngsters who want to progress through the exams quickly and sometimes as adults with more responsibilities we just don't get the same scope to practice as others. Joe never judges, just encourages. Thanks Joe and glad I took the plunge."

Mark Gregory


"Absolutely loving my lessons; Joe has taught me so much not only about rudiments & sight reading but also about the attributes of great a musician. I'd DEFINITELY recommend him. p.s thank you for your patience!"

Jontai Plummer


"I began drumming once again in January this year at the age of 50 having been previously self taught. Joe is an excellent tutor and has extremely supportive with my lessons. His style is relaxed but has stretched my knowledge of the drums. My vision was to be able to read music and I have begun to achieve to date playing along to some fantastic Tommy Igoe tunes. I would strongly recommend Joe as a tutor and I have really enjoyed the occasional drumming duets!"

Martin Bloomfield


'About 3 years ago I joined a local band after watching a guy playing the Cajon which at the time very new to the scene I decided to give it a go and it came quite naturally as I had dabbled with the drums at school again many moons ago, this then in turn rekindled my fascination for the drums/ drumming, This time at 38 I wanted to do it properly and was given Joes details, turns out he has been in the street next to mine for the last 5 years who knew! What can I say apart from its the best thing I’ve done, not only is Joe a fantastic tutor everything done at your pace with no preconceptions, whilst without pushing developing you to become a better musician, Joe is laid back and easy to converse with but throughout totally professional I have now been going for about 5 months and already my standard of drumming has evolved exponentially, which I will now peruse with the band I’m in (small plug sorry Joe “Social Resin” check us out). I now also Consider Joe a friend although I only see him once every two weeks he retains you as a person and not just a means to money, I fully recommend his services at whatever Age, style or stage you are at, I will fully endorse JR Drumming tuition if you have any inclination for the drums or a musical itch you would like to scratch please give Joe a go you won’t look back, I won’t :0)'

Simon Woodhams


"Just a huge thank you to Joe for preparing me for my imminent trip to Canada on the 20th July to spend a week in drum studios with some amazing instructors and nine other aspiring drummers like myself. Joe has worked tirelessly to help prepare me for what is likely to be an awe-inspiring week. I will be flying the flag for JR Drumming and his new band and, if like me, you can’t wait to get your hands on a copy of their new album! Joe has been an inspiration to me from the start, some 15 months ago, when I decided to start playing again after 25 plus years absence. Joe is so confident and yet so humble, has the patience of a saint and is forever giving praise and instilling confidence, no matter what age, gender or level of drumming. Anyone looking for a drum teacher who is non-arrogant and takes huge joy and pleasure in seeing his students succeed, no matter how small or large, should stop searching and take the plunge. Or, if you’re like me, dipped my toe in the water and now I’m ‘swimming’ in the deep end. Once again Joe, a huge thanks."

Stuart Greenwood


"Just passed my Grade 2 exam so pleased and just goes to show what great teacher Joe is!...thanks Joe and for being so supportive while I have had my foot in cast.. If you want a great teacher call Joe!"

Tobias Todd


"Really enjoying my lessons with Joe, learning so much more with Joe than either of my two previous teachers, the best thing about the lessons is the fact I am allowed to choose what I want to do and can play songs I enjoy listening too aswell as all the grade music!!"

Tom O'Gorman


"My son Myles started to follow my footsteps and took an interest in the drums around the age of 9, as I am an amateur drummer playing in cover bands it did not take him long to learn all what I can do so we hired the help of pro player and teacher Joe Rodriguez. Myles has now elevated way beyond my skills and is being taught correctly how to sit, bass drum technique, stick work, grooves and patterns from Jazz to Rock to Blues. When Myles chooses a song to learn Joe takes the time to run through it himself prior to the lesson and teach Myles the song. Myles really looks forward to the lessons and the time he spends with Joe so a big thank you to you Joe!"

Andy Langridge


"Joe is amazing teacher he his very patient and very kind thanks joe for the work your doing with me. See you in two weeks!"

Sarah Byrne


"We were very fortunate to come across Joe Rodriguez when looking for someone to tutor our 7 year old son. He is a first class tutor and has the ability of engaging with the student to ensure they extract maximum benefit from his knowledge and skills whilst still making it fun for them. Our son looks forward to his lessons with Joe and has achieved great progress in a short period of time. We would not hesitate in recommending him to anyone. Thanks!"

Roland Jordan


"Joe has been teaching my Son aged 6 to play the drums over the last 10 months, and it's been a joy. Not only is Joe patient and friendly, he really knows his stuff. He has a great way of teaching that engages and encourages. I'd have absolutely no hesitation is recommending Joe."

Erin Porter


"At the age of 52 I have finally plucked up the courage to learn the drums. Been putting it off for at least 30 years because I hate failure. Been going to Joe for 7 months now and a better tutor would be hard to find. This person respects the pace you learn at and will not push, if you don't feel comfortable he drops it back down to a speed you can play at. His patience is superb. The whole experience of playing the drums is enjoyable because of Joe's professionalism. This is the person you need if you want to be a drummer and not just a showman on the drums."

Paul McAlindan


"Just want to say thank you for being such a great teacher. Each lesson is a joy and always goes at my pace with patience and enthusiasm. Highly recommend this teacher for anyone, whatever stage you are at!"

Carrie Dennett


"My son Harvey is 9 and has been having lessons with Joe for a couple of months, I think Joe has a really good way of teaching and is very patient and understaning, Harvey is loving his lessons."

Sarah Shipwright


"Only one and a half years of lessons with Joe has made a huge difference to my music career! Alongside with my busy work on Rockschool Grade 4, I developed from a drum dummy into a band drummer in a local church! All thanks to Joe's patience and amazing teaching skills. I do not hesitate to recommend this nice guy to the ones who want to learn cool drums!"

Winnie Lai


"Hi Joe, I would like to take this opportunity to say a very BIG thankyou for teaching our daughter the drums over the last year. She has progressed brilliantly and its a wonder how you have managed to stay patient with her through the lessons. We would have no hesitation in recommending yourself for lessons. Cheers!"

Chris Stanfield


"Finally started drum lessons after procrastinating for 5 years on what was one of my ambitions. Gone through some tough times recently that have made it more difficult to practice or concentrate but Joe is an awesome teacher and has helped me improve massively despite all that. Really understanding, clear explanations and works on your strengths as and when you find them, highly recommended :)"

Rebecca Lloyd


"Joe is such a great teacher, he is such a lovely, funny guy who is so easy to get on with,. I've never had so much fun learning, not only do I learn techniques that I can apply to all styles, I have also learnt songs and I have started Grade 3, I would defiantly recommend anyone to Joe, as he is patient and positive and just a great teacher!"

Lianne Kelly


"Learning to play the drums is something I've always wanted to do and having started lessons with Joe a couple of months ago, the experience is more fun, educational and rewarding than I could have imagined. Joe is an exceptional tutor, always patient, encouraging and professional and a genuinely nice guy. I'd have no hesitation in recommending Joe to anyone wanting to learn to play drums."

David Burrows


Basically to put it simply Joe is the best teacher you will ever come across, he is the nicest guy with a sense of humor & sessions are relaxed and he pushes you to get the best of your ability. I didnt know if i wanted to play drums but after a few sessions with Joe I knew its what I wanted to do! Thanks for all you help Joe!

Kenya Scarlett


"Joe is a extremely supportive when i just cant get something right we work on it and until I under stand it. I have come on leaps and bounds since studying with Joe. THANK YOU!"

Tia Margan


"I just want to say, joe is a bloody great teacher! My son Ryan is 8 and started lessons with joe at aged 7 . my son has adhd and autism and joe goes to whatever pace needed and is very understanding with ryan. Thanks to joe my son is now learning grade one and when im watching the lesson i feel sooo proud! I smile the whole way through! Deffo reccommend joe as teacher !"

Alison Lathwell


"Joe you have the patience of a saint! I have the coordination of a camel on acid and the concentration of flea, despite this you have managed to teach me how to play and read music in such a short space of time. Friday evening has never been so much fun - Thanks for being such an awesome teacher!"

Amanda Shirtcliffe


"Hi Joe, Just a quick msg to say how much i am enjoying my lessons nearly 2 months now and I can't believe the things I've learnt and I thought 30 was to old to learn an instrument fingers crossed grade 1 soon!!. Anybody looking to learn the drums you can't go wrong with joe no matter what age, Very patient and a genuine nice guy."

Dan Turner


"Joe is a very patient and encouraging teacher, I really love my drum lessons. I have learnt so much in the time I have been playing. Thanks Joe!:)"

Holly Shields


"I've been meaning to post on here for a while but it's hard to put into words just how good a teacher Joe is! All I can say is he's very, very patient and truly inspiring. And above all else I can honestly say he's one of the nicest guys I've ever met! I've learnt so much in a short space of time and I genuinely look forward to every lesson. I just wish I'd plucked up the courage to learn sooner."

Lee Bates


"From myself and George would just like to say thank you for all the lessons you have put in with George over the last 6 months. For a 6 year old who had never played the drums before he is now able to play and read a piece of music by himself and that is all down to your hard work and undoubtably your patience! Would highly recommend Joe as a teacher for anyone."

Angela Butcher


"Hey Joe! Well considering I am your longest serving student (your sentence, not mine, I know I'm a nightmare!) I thought it only right that I also leave you a message. I just wanted to say thank you so much for all of your help, support and patience, if I had had another teacher I know I would have quit before now but thankfully no one has as much patience as you! I love my lessons, you are an awesome teacher and I really feel like I am making progress! Can't wait for my next lesson, promise I'll practice!"

Emma Curtis


"Hi Joe, Wanted to say thank you from us and Abigail. She is loving her lessons and has come a long way in such a short time. You are always at the end of the phone/email to help advise and give support. your knowledge, experience and patience seem endless. We are very grateful to you and long may her lessons continue!"

Kylie Finch


"Joe is a great friendly tutor with a brilliant breadth and depth of knowledge, who takes the time to find out what your learning style is… would definitely recommend!"

Laura Askew


"Hi Joe and anyone reading this. Like others I thought I never had the natural ability to play drums. Being 30 years old. Having never taken lessons or played before, Joe had me banging away to Supersonic by Oasis within 45 minutes of my first lesson. Joe is always friendly, encouraging and patient. I would thoroughly recommend his teaching methods to others. I am about to buy my first drum kit, the dream of drumming with the Foo Fighters lives on! Take care, Dean."

Dean Hill


"great teacher, and drummer of course, makes learning drums fun!"

David Lapushner


"really good lessons and exercises - good mix of basics and grooves - working on music styles I like. great analysis of technique."

Pete Weller


"Hey Joe- Just a quick stop by to say thanks so much for all the work you have put into helping me reach where I wanna be. Your seriously a great teacher and a funny bloke. You straight away relaxed me and im really starting to see results. All the best and see you soon"

Joe Kent

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