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Drumming Lessons

Whether you are a new to drumming or an experienced player, my teaching approach will help you learn, improve and develop as a drummer and musician.  Learning to play the drums should be fun and rewarding, with the ultimate aim being to empower you to play with confidence and with your own sound and style. To this end all lessons are tailored for the individual student.


I am based in Milton Keynes and offer top quality facilities. I also hold an enhanced CRB certificate which clears me for work in schools and have extensive experience of working with students with special needs and disabilities.


Here is what you would be learning if you commenced your lessons with JR Drumming:


* Good understanding of fundamental basics

* Keeping time

* Reading and interpreting drum notation

* How to play and interact with other musicians

* Rudiments

* Technique

* coordination and limb independence

* Rhythms and grooves

* Fills

* Playing in different time signatures

* Composition of solo's

* Maintenance and tuning of drums

* Drumming in different styles 

* Drum theory

* Drumming history and stylistic studies based on influential players

* Rock School/Trinity grade syllabus's can be followed for grades 1-8 (on request)


Lessons are taught in my sound proof, air-conditioned studio on a one-to-one basis. The studio is equipped with two professional-level acoustic drum kits which are set-up at all times. The studio is also equipped with a Makie PA system for audio playback, sequencing equipment and click tracks.


Pricing for lessons:

30 minute lessons - £25

1 hour lessons - £39


Any advance payments made for lessons (including gift vouchers) are strictly non refundable.


Deposit Scheme Disclaimer:

I run a deposit scheme for all my students. If after your first lesson you decide you would like to continue with lessons, I ask for a deposit which is the rate of your lesson whether it is

30 minutes (£22 deposit) or 1 hour (£36 deposit). The deposit should be paid for the first lesson

if you wish to organise a second lesson.


If a student does not make contact with JR Drumming for a period of 3 months or longer, once lessons have commenced then deposits will be retained.


I require strict 24 hours notice (industry standard) if you need to cancel a lesson. If 24 hours notice is not given, I will need to retain the deposit as payment for the missed lesson. Otherwise the deposit will remain in place and if you decide to discontinue with drumming lessons, your deposit will be returned to you. A receipt will be given for your deposit.



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