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New Service - Online Session Drumming

JR Drumming is now offering online session drumming services.

The traditional approach to recording drum's can be daunting for bands and artists. 

The cost of hiring a studio and engineer as well as a session player can be very expensive and despite the fact that technology has now made it far easier for musicians to record at home, the drum's still present problems!

There is another way!

Online session drumming offers a service that removes the need for you to hire a studio and engineer. It also means that you don't end up paying for time spent setting up and sound checking, which saves you money!
Logistics are no longer a consideration - you don't need to travel and the entire process can be facilitated by e-mail, phone and Skype.

The process is very simple and works as follows:

Step 1

Please contact me via phone or e-mail to discuss your music and your drumming requirements.

Step 2

Send me your track, ensuring that there are NO drums on the recording.

If you have a midi file of the drum part you would like please supply this as a separate file - also I am happy to work from charts if you have a very specific arrangement for your drum tracks.

Step 3

I will record the drum tracks for you and will send you a composite version of he track for reference. At this point we can discuss any amendments that may need to be made to the drum track. 

Step 4

Once you are happy with the drum track, payment would be processed and I would supply you with all drum tracks from the session so that you can adjust the mix should you want to do so.

Some session drummers will only offer a full track breakdown as an additionally charged service - this is NOT the case with JR Drumming.

Please note that I will never charge you for a track that you are not entirely happy with and I am happy to re-record until you are completely satisfied.


My studio has the following equipment available for the recording of drum tracks:

1 x Yamaha Maple Custom Drum Kit 

1 x Drum Workshop Custom Drum Kit

1 x Odery Fluence Jazz  Drum Kit

1 x Roland TD8 V-Drumkit (primarily used for spot effects and overdubs)

Variety of snare drums (Including wood, brass and steel shell options)

Wide variety of cymbal options (Zildjian and Sabian)


1 x Motu 838 Mk3 Sound Interface

Logic Pro Software


3 x Shure SM57

1 x Shure Beta 52A

2 x Shure PG81

1 x Shure SM58 Beta

3 x Sennheiser Evolution E825 microphones


Pricing starts at £80.00 per track, the price can be increased up to £120.00 for a track depending on the specific requirements of a song or additional services, such as hand percussion, electronic overdubs or particularly long or intricate arrangements.

The fee per track covers all correspondence for the project so there are no hidden costs once you have been quoted.

Please call me to discuss the specifics of your project so that I can provide a full quote.

Please bear in mind that the published Musicians Union rate for session players is £150.00 per hour - so this service offers high quality recording for a fraction of the traditional price.

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